Former Speaker of the House of Commons John Berko joins Labor

Defection in British Conservative ranks: Former Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow announces his rally for the Labor Party on Saturday, June 19.

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The 58-year-old former speaker, who repeatedly and vehemently opposed Prime Ministers Boris Johnson and Theresa May in Brexit talks, now says he is convinced the Conservative Party “reactionary, populist, nationalist and sometimes even xenophobic”.

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However, he spent most of his political life in the Conservative ranks. As Speaker of the Commons from 2009 to 2019, John Bercow colored the announcer’s function by his Call to Order (” count “) or his famous ties, and his nudge to lawmakers who want to hinder Theresa May or Boris Johnson’s efforts to pass Brexit-related legislation.

However, many conservatives and Brexit supporters have criticized him for not demonstrating the political neutrality required for his duties. “the” speaker “The commons have supreme authority and are politically impartial”, specifies the Chamber on its web site, where furthermore … all “speakers” from 1258 are counted.

allegation of harassment

asked by inspectorJohn Berko now says he wants and wants Labor to help oust Boris Johnson from power “Support Equality, Social Justice and Internationalism”.

They will also face charges of harassment. According to a report written in 2018 by a former magistrate of the High Court of London, John Burko during his ten years as Speaker of the lower house accused his teams of perpetrating and specifically allowing sexual assault has gone. . a. due to generalization “Culture of Honor”.

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