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Invited to FranceInfo on Thursday 23 June at 11 p.m., Dennis McShane, former foreign minister in Tony Blair’s government, presents his analysis on the consequences of Brexit and Boris Johnson’s policy in the United Kingdom.

Six years ago, the United Kingdom declared itself in favor of leaving the European Union. Dennis McShane, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs in Tony Blair’s government, is in the duplex at FranceInfo’s 23 Hours on Thursday, June 23. he states that “The country becomes poorer, the gross national product becomes smaller”, she finds it difficult “To derive only one positive benefit from this decision”,

The issue of immigration was one of the issues that prompted the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. On this topic, Boris Johnson defended the agreement on the expulsion of migrants recently concluded with Kigali (Rwanda). “As for Boris Johnson, like President Trump, he wants to stir up passion over immigration, like Marine Le Pen at home and think he’ll win the election. We’ll see tonight, this isn’t a general election, it’s Just a by-election, if that strategy really pays off”Dennis McShane analyzes.

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