Former Prime Minister calls on British Parliament not to support Brexit adjustment

British former Prime Ministers Tony Blair and John Major are calling on MPs to reject Prime Minister Johnson’s new Brexit law in an open letter to The Sunday Times.

According to former Prime Ministers, Johnson’s attempt to unilaterally amend the Brexit Agreement is embarrassing the United Kingdom. He describes Johnson’s proposal as “irresponsible, fundamentally wrong and dangerous in practice.”

Negotiations with Blair and Major Fear Adjustment, inter alia, the situation in Northern Ireland and the trade agreement with the European Union. “It questions the integrity of our nation,” they write. Labor politician Blair and the Conservative Major have previously spoken out against Brexit.

Unilateral adjustment

In January, the United Kingdom signed a Brexit deal with the European Union. On Wednesday, Prime Minister Johnson introduced a law adding unilateral adjustments to that agreement.

It mainly concerns the situation in Northern Ireland. Johnson does not want the rest of Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom to be freighted with additional controls or other restrictions. This is against the agreement with the European Union, stating that border traffic should not be continued between Northern Ireland and Ireland.

According to the European Union, this means that Northern Ireland’s border with other parts of the United Kingdom must be checked.

Chaos effect

The Brexit adjustment will be discussed tomorrow in the British Parliament.

The European Union has warned Johnson to throw Brexit changes in the trash before the end of the month. Otherwise sanctions are imminent, according to Brussels, as the British would then be in breach of contract. Ultimately, the separation agreement between EU countries and the United Kingdom has been signed by both parties and is therefore binding.

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The new line holds talks on a trade deal that should go into effect on 1 January. If the parties do not agree, the European Union and the United Kingdom will participate with the trade agreement on 1 January. Anarchy at many fears borders.

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