Former Cowboys Assistant Kellen Moore Joins Eagles as Offensive Coordinator

Former Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator, Kellen Moore, has been hired by the Philadelphia Eagles to fill their offensive coordinator vacancy, according to sources. This move by the Eagles is a surprising one, as Moore was previously with their biggest rival and will now join their coaching staff.

Moore’s tenure with the Cowboys was marked by success, as he was credited with coaching the team to three top-6 offensive rankings in just four years. His ability to maximize the talent on the Cowboys’ roster has earned him a reputation as one of the league’s top offensive minds.

This hiring comes after the Eagles made the decision to part ways with Brian Johnson, who served as the team’s offensive coordinator for the past three seasons. Johnson’s tenure was marked by inconsistency and the Eagles felt it was time for a change.

Moore will now become the third offensive coordinator for the Eagles in as many years, highlighting the team’s ongoing search for stability and consistency on the offensive side of the ball. He previously served as the offensive coordinator for the Los Angeles Chargers under Brandon Staley.

Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni has expressed his confidence in Moore’s abilities, stating that he will bring his own scheme and structure to the team’s offense. This suggests that Moore will have full control over play-calling and game planning, rather than operating within Sirianni’s system.

The Eagles finished the previous season with the seventh-highest scoring offense in the NFL. However, they struggled towards the end of the year, failing to score more than 20 points in five of their last seven games. The team hopes that Moore’s expertise and fresh perspective will help them regain their offensive prowess.

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Before starting his coaching career, Moore spent six seasons as a backup quarterback in the NFL. His playing time included a stint with the Cowboys in 2015, where he started two games and threw four touchdowns and six interceptions. His experience as a player gives him a unique understanding of the game and what it takes to succeed at the highest level.

Additionally, Moore’s hiring is significant because he is the first head coach or offensive coordinator in Eagles history to have either played or coached with the Cowboys prior to joining the team. This adds an interesting dynamic to the Eagles-Cowboys rivalry and will surely be a storyline to watch.

One player who will have a close working relationship with Moore is quarterback Jalen Hurts. Moore’s high school coach, Johnson, previously coached Moore during his college career, and now the two will look to build a successful offensive partnership in Philadelphia.

Overall, the hiring of Kellen Moore brings excitement and optimism to the Eagles and their fans. With his track record of offensive success and fresh ideas, Moore has the potential to significantly improve the team’s performance on that side of the ball. It remains to be seen how his new scheme and structure will translate to success on the field, but Eagles fans eagerly await the upcoming season to see what Moore can bring to their team.

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