Forget About Dangerous Energy Drinks


  • The term “energy drink” includes drinks that are presented as having stimulating properties on both a physical and intellectual level.
  • They usually contain ingredients such as caffeine, taurine, glucuronolactone, vitamins or even plant extracts (guarana, ginseng).

Summer is the season and many people take the opportunity to party or play sports. In these two situations, the ANSES recommends not consuming energy drinks.

In France, about 32% of consumers of so-called energy drinks drink them during festive occasions (bars, nightclubs, concerts, etc.), and 41% in connection with a sporting activity. 16% of French people mix these products with alcohol.

no more risky situations

“The combined consumption of so-called energy drinks and alcohol favors risky situations by causing an overestimation of one’s own abilities, which may lead him to continue alcohol consumption and increase risk-taking”, Public health experts say.

“With regard to sports, so-called energy drinks have no nutritional value during exercise (in contrast to exercise drinks, also known as energy drinks); they increase the loss of water and mineral salts and increase the risk of heat accidents. increase”, they continue.

Consumption of so-called energy drinks in a festive environment is particularly conducive to the accumulation of several risk factors: co-consumption of alcohol, physical exercise (eg associated with dance) and heat.

three recommendations

Therefore the ANSES recommends:

– Avoid consumption of so-called energy drinks relationship with alcohol or during a Physical exercise ;

– Be especially cautious especially with regard to caffeine intake Via so-called energy drinks, for some consumers In particular: pregnant and lactating women, children and adolescents, people sensitive to the effects of caffeine or presenting with certain pathologies (cardiovascular, psychiatric and neurological disorders, renal failure and severe liver disease);

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– and in general, for all consumers, Moderate consumption of caffeinated drinks.

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