Foreign Office owner buys gas-powered cars urging Britons to go electric

Foreign Office bosses are still buying up polluting cars that consume fuel – while teaching the British about going electric to save the planet.

According to The Sun, four out of ten of the new Jaguar Land Rovers we’ve bought for our diplomats in the past two years still run at least partially on diesel or gasoline.

Embarrassing Figures Discovered by Labor Will Cause Red Faces as They Begin Boris Johnson’s Climate Change Summit Cop26credit: getty
Catherine West, Shadow Labor Minister for Foreign Affairs, said: “Cop 26 is our chance to set an example to the world on progress towards Net Zero”.

This intervenes despite No. 10’s desire to completely ban the sale of gas-guzzling engines by 2030.

The embarrassing figures exposed by Labor will cause red faces as Boris Johnson calls off his Cop26 climate change summit in Glasgow.

Labor Secretary of State Katherine West said: “It’s our duty to set an example to the world as we move towards COP26 Net Zero and showcase the great new electric cars being built in the UK to help us achieve this goal. have a chance.

“But instead, we have another example of the government making one rule for all and another for itself. ”

Overall, 44 of the 53 new Jaguar Land Rovers purchased for the Foreign Office since January 2020 run on gasoline, diesel or hybrid energy – which still consume gasoline.

In July this year, the government promised to make its entire fleet fully electric by the end of 2027.

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The government has spent more than £2 million on cars – an average of £42,000 each.

A foreign ministry spokesman said: “We are committed to reducing the ministry’s environmental impact and aim to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050 or earlier.

“The Office of Foreign Affairs, Commonwealth and Development is in the process of converting its fleet of foreign vehicles to low-emissions vehicles, but we need to work with the infrastructure of the countries in which we operate.”

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In July this year, the government promised to make its entire fleet fully electric by the end of 2027.
In July this year, the government promised to make its entire fleet fully electric by the end of getty

Drivers only need to charge electric cars once every three weeks, as motorists are expected to be more environmentally friendly

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