“For the French, purchasing power exceeds all criteria”

8:00 am, November 14, 2021

For Stéphane Nanez, partner at consulting firm et Advisory, one of the key lessons of the 2021 vintage in the ranking of the most admired companies by the French is the weighting of purchasing power into consumer perception. “We measure this through two of the six criteria we selected: the impact on the French economy and – above all – the ability to improve the daily life of the French,” he noted. In this survey, 000 people questioned whether corporate environmental responsibility. Yet a theme at the heart of the strategy of large groups and state initiatives. Purchasing power is also one of those that question a company’s ability to improve France’s image. ,

According to him, the Decathlon, Peugeot and Leclerc, the top three in the standings, each in their own way adopt the theme of “the end of the month rather than the end of the world”: “The Decathlon has democratized access to all sports, including golf and sports.” To horseback riding. It is therefore no coincidence that the brand has been ranked first since its first edition three years ago. In particular its potential for innovation, another important criterion, in the new products made available to consumers reflected on a daily basis, such as the famous diving mask that appeared at the beginning of the health crisis.”

The surprising success of Doctolib

Peugeot, which marketed the 208 and the two most popular cars in France in 2008, is also benefiting from its shift toward electrification: “it’s an asset for those over 35 as well as the youngest”. Stephen Nenez revealed. For Leclerc, the distributor whose fight for low prices has been at the center of its communications since the creation of the Breton brand, its third place answers a similar argument.

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Doctolib’s lightning success, which rose 32 places in the rankings to rank eleventh, can be explained, among other things, by its excellent score on key criteria for improving daily living. “We integrated doctorolib into the rankings for the first time in 2020, partly in terms of health, believes Stefan Neez. This year, women have taken it exclusively, placing it in fifth place Is.”

Formed in 2009, the independent consultancy firm Eight Advisory, which carried out this survey with iFop, now has 550 employees and 70 partners with offices across Europe (France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Belgium). . “Our main activities are transaction support, company restructuring and transformation,” explains Stefan Neez.

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