For sending parcels in the United Kingdom, only the “Express” option is possible with Bpost

Anyone who wants to ship a package from Belgium to Britain can only do so through the option “Express“From bpost, reports the postal company on Monday evening. The measure has been taken after severe disruptions in transport and across the channel. Letters and postcards can still be sent normally, but are delayed. Predictable.

Belgium has banned passenger transport from the United Kingdom since yesterday / Sunday, which has been presented as more contagious in fear of a new strain of coronovirus identified throughout the channel spreading to the continent.

This restriction applies to air and rail travel. Freight is authorized by Belgium but not in French access points, meaning that the transport of goods can still suffer greatly from the measurement.

Therefore Bpost has at present decided not to send the parcel to the United Kingdom through standard procedure. This, the cheapest offer, uses freight traffic. Customers who still want to send packages to Great Britain will have to choose the option “Express“, Which uses the air route, is still authorized for cargo.

The postal company states that it is still possible to send letters and greeting cards in the UK, although there may be delays in mind. The situation is being closely monitored, assuring bpost.

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