For PS5, Sony surpasses the decade-old Japanese controller logic

For PS5, Sony surpasses the decade-old Japanese controller logic
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Did you know that in Japan the circle button is used to confirm menu items and the X button is used to cancel? After a few headlines in the PS1 startup used the same argument in the West, Sony finally made it normal to use X and cancel the circle to make sure, but there has always been a disparity between regions.

In addition to the PlayStation 5 preview waves, PR has confirmed the matter to the Japanese media The X button will now be used to confirm universally. This means that after the launch of the Next-Gen console in November, local gamers will have a 25-year history:

While this won’t change anything for Western players, not everyone is happy with this transition. The Tokyo-based localization agency had 6-4 Ricardi Say the following:

It remains to be seen whether Sony will allow the system-wide button to be remastered again on the PlayStation 4, but even if it did, it could still have user interface errors. We must admit, we are surprised it has been taken Five Consoles (and two handhelds!) To stream the Japanese giant’s regulatory argument worldwide, but we think it happened in the end.

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