For example, Edberg drove Federer out of the valley after the disaster 2013: ‘He was wrong’ tennis

Just like 2020, 2013 was a physical and sports disaster year for Roger Federer. In the podcast, veteran Swiss former coach Stefan Edberg describes how he drove him out of the valley in 2014.

It was an image that warmed tennis fans: Roger Federer who posted a photo of the training session on 6 November. Recovering from his knee injury, which after Corona threw a major part of the soup in 2020, is progressing well. The 39-year-old ‘veteran’ also has high expectations for the Australian Open. “He is working on recovery and I would say it cannot be improved in any way”, said coach Ivan Lubić, “I am curious as to how much we can increase this in the coming months. In any case , Very confident. “

Stephen Edberg also knows what it is like to see Federer working at his best. The Sweed, who is himself a Multi Grand Slam winner, coached Federer in 2014 and 2015 immediately after the disaster 2013. Federer won only one tournament (Halle) that year and lost in the second round at Wimbledon against the previously unknown Ukrainian Sergei Stakhovsky.

In a podcast on, Edberg, who became Federer’s coach in early 2014, looks back on that period. “He had a problem back then, somehow lost and went next to his shoes,” he said. He needed new inspiration. Perhaps he was wondering how to further develop his game. At the same time, he decided to change the racket and I think that was a very important step. After which I came into the picture in 2014. “

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“Of course I also had my own perspective on how he could become a better player”, Edberg continues. “But he also knew where he wanted to go, and that’s how the partnership began – looking at everything day by day. I was in the same street once. We talked and quickly agreed that we should get his game. Needs to change. We did. Roger wanted to be a more aggressive player, like I was. It was important to provide him with new input and ideas. But as I said, racket change was important. Those new techniques, That’s how it all started. It’s not really hard to teach him something, he listens well. He’s always a good start. The small details make a difference. ”

Stephen Edberg. © EPA

The pair would eventually work together for almost two years, and although Federer’s game became more aggressive, it did not earn them any new Grand Slam titles. However, he was a finalist three times: at Wimbledon in 2014 and 2015 and at the US Open in 2015. “I want to thank my young idol for two very successful years”, Federer said on Facebook at the time. “It was a dream come true.”

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