FOPREL presents “Esquipulous Peace Prize” to HM The King

The Forum of Presidents of the Legislative Powers of Central America, the Caribbean and Mexico (FOPREL) on Thursday awarded His Majesty King Mohammed VI the “Esquipulas Peace Prize”, the highest pride of this parliamentary organization regional.

The honor was conferred on the sovereign following a resolution passed at the inauguration of the 26th extraordinary session of the Forum, to be held in Rabat from 19 to 21 May, the seat of parliament.

Conferring this award “comes as a gesture of respect and consideration for the wisdom and courage of HM Raja, which holds the common interest high, to reject differences and to work relentlessly to achieve peace among the people.” for”, we note in the text of Prana.

FOPREL, which has Morocco as an observer member, underscores that HM King Mohammed VI is “a model to follow” for all those who respect and respect the values ​​of peace within different cultures and peoples. work to protect. Of the World.

The distinction also comes in recognition of the continued efforts, since his accession to the throne, in the service of promoting peace, adds the same source.

The purpose of the “Esquipulas Peace Prize” is to promote the moral and spiritual values ​​of civic friendship, understanding, tolerance and solidarity among peoples, as well as respect for human rights, which are components of an authentic culture of peace.

The prize is named after the Guatemalan city of Esquipulas, which signed a declaration (1986) and then a peace agreement (87) by five Central American countries (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica), which marked the beginning. March towards peace in this region.

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Created in 1994, “FOPREL” is an organization that aims to strengthen the implementation and harmonization of legislation of member states and to develop consultation mechanisms between the presidents of their legislative institutions to address the challenges facing the region. Legislative studies at the regional level.

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