Footballer Paul Pogba invests in Islamic Finance

Frenchman Paul Pogba is expected to join his former club Juventus in Turin, at the end of his contract with British club Manchester United. Photographed by American Business Magazine bloomberg, The French world champion did not decide on his next team, but wore a sweatshirt with the crest of American financial services company Waheed.

The midfielder was approached last September by the founder of an established start-up in Islamic Finance, an area where investing is believed to have a positive social impact, in accordance with Sharia principles. Along with former MMA champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, Paul Pogba has become one of the main ambassadors of this company advising young investors.

Silicon Valley and Biochemistry

“As a young, black and Muslim millionaire, Pogba hopes to be successful in inspiring other players from disadvantaged backgrounds to better manage their money,” Understand Bloomberg. Following France’s loss against Portugal in the final of Euro 2016, the player spent over $100,000 in a month’s vacation in Miami and Los Angeles.

“I was really shocked, I was like ‘hula, that’s a lot’ […]And from that day on I said to myself ‘Okay, I’m done’.”

Like Paul Pogba, many football players approach financial advisors. Over five or ten years, explains the director of a consulting firm specializing in sports investing, this relationship has evolved from summary exchanges to lengthy discussions about cryptocurrencies, metaverses or start-ups.

“The new generation of gamers are more informed than many people through entrepreneurs, social media or influencers, and they understand that there is more to traditional forms of investing.”

During their careers or once they retire, top athletes no longer consider investing in the sports sector alone, notes bloomberg, Citing Silicon Valley-involved NBA basketball player Andre Iguodala or former Arsenal midfielder Matthew Flamini, who has become the general manager of a biochemical start-up.

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