Foggy. The high school sci-po group continued their meetings

It is a matter of great pleasure that recently the entire sci-po group welcomed Marguerite-Philhol High School alumnus Pierre Cornu, who went on to become a sports journalist.

A former final-year student ten years ago, he came to meet some fifteen high school students in the traditional CDI conference room. Welcomed by his former teachers, Mmes Bazin (professor of letters) and Founaud-Veysset (professor of librarianship), Pierre Cornu first posed his school career and questions of his orientation when he was a high school student . He claims to have some doubts but above all he trusted his teachers who were attentive to his questions and opinions. He pushes her to react and take risks in order, after all, to take on sci-po competitions (Bordeaux and Toulouse): total success.

From there, dialogue was established with our high school students who were very concerned about their orientation and their choice of curriculum. Pierre presented his years of study in Pink City, his meetings, his experiences on the radio, on television. But it is specifically in the written press that he feels comfortable and wants to write articles on sporting events.

Mr. Gerad (history-geography teacher), plays the role of a mediator during this meeting and revives the discussion between the pupils and Pierre. Suddenly, he presents his job on a daily basis and to the newspapers for which he has worked: especially “Ouest-France”. Finally, he is happy to return to his native land to join the “La Depeche du Midi” and “Petit Blu” teams.

Two hours, it goes fast! But at the end of the session some students came to discuss and exchange information with the sports journalist.

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The meeting was once again prospering: Thank you to Pierre for your availability to the high school students of Marguerite-Philhol!

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