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There is consensus: Hybrid meetings form the future medium term of corporate events, one of the conditions for a gradual restart of MICE activity in a still uncertain health context. ” On the one hand, companies have learned to conduct their business remotely, on the other hand, they recognize the benefit of physically bringing their teams together. That’s why i’m watching A real future for these half-virtual half-face solutions, Especially for meetings connected between multiple destinations without taking an aircraft“Who notes,” says Christine Vassell, director of Radisson Hotel Group meetings and events for the United Kingdom, Ireland and Western Europe In some markets, such as Northern Europe, the demand for hybrid meetings has begun to increase. »

To address the issue, if not earlier, among the first global hoteliers, the Radisson Group officially presented its hybrid meetings in September 2020. Samadhan is now deployed in 52 hotelsEspecially in Frankfurt, Kuwait, London, Stockholm or even Paris, Leon, Marseille and Nice in France. ” They should have 80 and 100 hotels by the end of the yearE ”, refers to Christine Vassell.

Radisson Hybrid meetings depend on proven technologies with Logitech for everything related to video and audio Zoom video conferencing side. « Good voice and a beautiful picture were important to us, but there was also a solution that was easy to use so that our customers could connect with remote participants with one click.“, Describes Christine Vassell. These hybrids are based on the corporate version of Meeting Zoom, which integrates chat and voting functionality to interact with attendees, all with high security and engaging environments that can only successfully connect with attendees.

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At the same time, the animation of the meeting is controlled With a bullet Which allows you to play with cameras, zoom in on the presenter, focus on a talker or even switch from one participant to another. ” With two screens in the room, I can see the participants on one side and presentations on the other. It is very easy to use, as I have experienced“, Reminds the Radisson Hotel group director of meetings and events.

After this first phase, there are plans to train Radisson Partnership with the studioEither is the case in Stockholm, Frankfurt and London Heathrow to accommodate them in hotels, or to connect their studios to the zoom rooms offered by Radisson Hotels. ” For example, we are in contact with a company that has 12 studios to reach a large audience.“, Specifies Christine Vassell.

To the question of what hybrid meetings will occur once the epidemic occurs, Christine Vassell believes ” They are here to stay, But they should not constitute more than 20% to 30% of the demand. People are still equally attracted to dating. Networking, discussing coffee: You do not build the same virtual relationships. »

A Kovid test program to secure meetings

In the wake of resuming activity, Radisson Hotel Group is one of the first hoteliers in the EMEA zone to deploy a Kovid test program for participants in meetings and events, all of which reinforce their security protocols. Place in collaboration with SGS. While Hilton, Hyatt or Marriott have looked into the issue across the Atlantic, Radisson hotels in the area participating in this new event will offer one or more of the following options: either one Rapid antigen test Prior to the event being organized at the hotel by the health care provider, either A. PCR test for groups or VIPs On-site testing at hotels, again administered by a qualified service provider, or access to PCR testing sites near the hotel, or even self-sampling, with PCR testing, in countries where it is legally permissible.

To build the program, Radisson has joined forces with several partners, including Hughes Healthcare for antigen testing, including a test kit. ” turned out to be One of the most accurate And most efficient“, Explains the hotel group. Regarding PCR tests, Radisson has partnered with SinLab, a provider of clinical laboratory services Specifically approved by UEFA, And Eurofins, one of the leaders in bio-analysis, a partner of Formula 1. ” The ability to offer rapid testing for our customers and professionals is the next step. Towards a safe return Travel to the business sectorSaid Chema Bastarrechia, chief operating officer of Radisson Hotel Group for the EMEA zone.

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