Focus Entertainment Will Publish Dordogne Interactive Watercolor

It was in the spring of 2020 that we discovered the amazing artistic direction of the game, directed by Cedric Babouche and Aymeric Casting, who come straight from the world of animation. as described”Nostalgic and moving narrative experienceThis title, made in the form of a large hand-painted watercolor, is now backed by Focus, always happy to support local production. Now expected in 2022, now the Switch and The game was announced on PC, but the focus is now talking about a ‘release’ on “console” in the plural, which could include PlayStation and Xbox ports.

Developed in collaboration with Studio Un Jeu Ne sais Quelle, dordogne tells the story of Mimi, a 32-year-old young woman who discovers the home of her recently deceased grandmother, the outspoken grandmother left to solve her letters and riddles, the importance of enjoying the life she has. There is no other ulterior motive than to remind.

It is with the help of a little girl’s memories, of moments she spent with her grandmother during the summer of her youth in the Dordogne, that Mimi will progress in this adventure by switching to two temporalities: exploring parts of the present. Discover the wonders of the Dordogne at home and in the past.

By collecting photos, sounds, objects and words, Mimi will create a personalized journal unique to each game. “A true symbolic object and of great sentimental value, it reflects Mimi’s adventures and memories in the Dordogne and the unbreakable bond that binds her to her grandmother.“We’ve been told.

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