FlyPop debuts as a cargo carrier in the UK

Born with the idea of ​​offering passenger flights between the United Kingdom and some Indian cities that are usually overlooked by international routes, Flypop will soon make its debut in the skies as a cargo carrier. This was announced by the British start-up itself, unveiling an agreement for the rental of certain aircraft from High Fly, an operator specialized in widebody aircraft and authorized to operate globally.

“Flypop believes that the most efficient way to resume operations is through cargo, until the frequency of UK-India flights can be increased,” the company said in a statement.

In more detail, the company, which has leased a total of four A330-300s from Hi Fly as reported by AirCargoNews, has revealed that it has already started operations with one of those vehicles. The seats would have been removed. , In particular, it forged links with the Canadian city of Iqaluit, in the far north of the country, to transport water, which is essential in the area due to contamination of public facilities.

A vehicle of the same type will be added to this A330-300 in early December. “We are hopeful that our cargo routes can support global freight demand and help reduce shortages. [di stiva, ndr] Anticipated for Christmas holidays and beyond,” remarked Navdeep Singh Judge, Chief Executive Officer of the company. According to Flypop’s plans, the other two A330-300s will go into operation in February and May respectively next year, possibly already for passenger flights, which will be operated exclusively between London Stansted and some Indian destinations.

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