Flu vaccination begins for all French people this Monday

This Monday, 22 November, all French people can now be vaccinated against the seasonal flu. The campaign is open to non-priority audiences until January 31, 2022, after a month dedicated to vulnerable people, those over 65 and pregnant women. All the caregivers were also worried.

For “non-priority audience”Vaccinations are not covered by health insurance. So you can go to a pharmacy and buy the vaccine without a prescription for adults, with your general practitioner’s prescription for minors. The pharmacist can inject you the vaccine right away, but will be billed for the act.

every winter, Two to six million people are affected by the influenza virusWith symptoms such as high fever, cough, pain, severe fatigue. It’s hard to know how many French people will be affected this year. Fear is especially high with the resumption of the Covid-19 pandemic. Putting together two pandemics, influenza and covid-19, will hospital system under pressure, Especially since vaccination coverage has traditionally deviated from the objectives of the Ministry of Health. Proof of this is this press release published by the government with a headline: “Vaccination against Influenza 2021-2022 – It’s not because we don’t talk about it anymore that the flu has disappeared”.

There is currently no alert regarding flu epidemic

Usually flu epidemics are very active in December. for now, There is no alert as per the data collected, There is no increase in the pandemic bulletin for week 45, which is from November 8 to 14. The incidence rate of flu syndrome is 39 cases per 100,000 residents (according to the Sentinel Network). Additionally, barely 1% of SOS M├ędecins medical procedures are associated with the flu.

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Containment decreased the immunity of the population in the last winter

Last winter, in the middle of the second wave of COVID-19, there was no seasonal flu pandemic. Gradual confinement and “barrier” measures to fight the pandemic had reduced the circulation of other viruses, starting with influenza. In the below direction, The weak circulation of the virus last winter probably lowered the population’s immunity,

During this campaign, the Ministry of Health is campaigning to obtain “At the same time its Third dose of anti-covid vaccine and its flu vaccines,, specifying that the Haute Autorit de Sainte ensures “That there is no danger in vaccinating against two diseases simultaneously. The only precaution is that it is necessary to receive each injection in a different arm”,

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