Florida cop busted for alleged punching drilling man in hospital

According to a new report, a Florida police resigned from power and faced criminal charges after the video came out when he slapped and punched a drunk man.

Fort Pierce Police Officer Albert Eckrode resigned on Friday one day after being arrested on 31 – 2016 for a K-9 handler named Officer of the Month – a number of charges related to battery and official abuse charges and detention charges. a crime commission, TCPalm.com reported.

According to the mission, his 27-year-old friend Monica Frederic faced himself on charges of a false fake police report on Friday.

“To clarify clearly here, it was not a use of force,” Fort Pierce Police Chief Diane Hobley-Burney told reporters. “It was an act of crime.”

The three-minute video shot at Lawnwood Regional Medical Center’s security system on February 20 shows a 38-year-old man sitting in a yacht in the mental health unit with his feet facing up, wearing only shorts and socks.

The man was taken for public poisoning and brought to the hospital. In the clip, Frederic, about 10 meters away, as well as when Eckrode enters, seems to point and yell inside another officer.

Eckrode shows that the yacht confronts the man, using his foot to bring the footrest down.

Albert Eckrode
Albert EckrodeFort Pierce PD

The opening exchange involves Eckrode’s slapping and punching several times.

Although at some point the patient seems to have started shouting at Eckrode, and as if he was touching his own cheek, he challenges him – asking the officer to touch his own ear – the man never seized Eckrode.

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In police reports, Eckrode and Frederic said the drunken man was shouting racial spurs in black Frederic.

Both Eckrode and the hospitalized man are white.

However, Hobley-Burney said the incident was “not racially motivated”.

“It takes a lot to choose one as our K-9 officer, and that was just a sad situation,” I said. “And I’m not making excuses, but sometimes we are human beings too. And I think what’s going on [Eckrode] is it possible that what is said [the man] did not stop to stop and got involved [Eckrode] he performs these actions. “

Monica Frederic
Monica FredericFort Pierce PD

Eckrode is free after issuing $ 4,500 bonds, and Frederic was released on $ 1,000 bonds.

Frederic’s lawyer Marty White said to his client, “a good young lady, a good officer.”

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