Florida city lifts ‘saggy pants’ ban – 13 years after it was set up | US News

Signs in a park warn passersby about the saggy pants law

“Sage Pants” prohibits anyone’s underwear from being taken to a South Florida town – 13 years after its inception.

The Opa-Locker City Commission, northeast of Miami, voted 4 to 1 to repeal both the 2007 Basic Law and the 2013 Ordinance, stating that male and female citizens can get statements if the ban is violated.

There are signs around town to warn people not to take off their pants

One shows a picture of two young men wearing pants below the waist and is characterized by the words: “No IFS, ands or butts … it’s city law!”

Wednesday’s vote was the first lesson of the cancellation, meaning it would need to be re-approved at the next commission meeting before it becomes official, the Miami Herald reported.

However, the item was co-sponsored by four of the five commissioners.

Deputy Mayor Chris Davis, who sponsored the withdrawal, told the Miami Herald: “I’ve never been in support of it, even as a resident.”

“I feel that this has affected a certain portion of our population in an unusual way, which is young, African-American men.”

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has called the ban a “ridiculous waste of public resources” and said it would impose “extremely harsh fines for innocent conduct” and cause relatively harm to black youth.

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