Flight carrying migrants from UK to Rwanda canceled

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It was announced with great fanfare by the British government: the first plane to deport migrants was to take off for Rwanda on the evening of Tuesday 14 June. Eventually, the European Court of Human Rights forced the charter to remain on the ground.

This is a humiliating blow to the British Government: despite its determination deport migrants to rwanda To prevent illegal arrivals in the UK, the first flight scheduled for Tuesday evening was canceled after a last-minute appeal.

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) granted a suspension of its obligation to the aircraft’s passengers to leave the area, explains our correspondent in London, Emily Wines, An intervention minutes before the plane’s announced departure, which was to take migrants who arrived illegally in Great Britain seeking asylum in Rwanda.

Following the failure of their prospects in the United Kingdom, the associations filed an appeal on Monday 13 June. ECHR on Tuesday evening issued a ” emergency measures About one of the passengers of this flight. The ECHR has in fact ruled that the deportation of an Iraqi asylum seeker should be postponed until British courts can examine the government’s bill’s validity. However, this exam will not be held till July.

For associations protecting the rights of asylum seekers, Strasbourg’s decision comes as a relief. , it’s a relief. On Monday, by filing an appeal, we were convinced that the authorities could not deport people without validating their policy. When justice rejected our request, we were shocked. Now we have to prepare and wait for the review of the bill due in July : This will be a defining moment ”, admits Claire Moseley, director of the NGO Care4Calais.

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One by one the passengers got off the plane.

, Last ticket cancelled. no one goes to rwanda ”, tweeted Care4Calais, which announced the cancellation of previous evictions.

The cancellation of this first flight is a matter of relief for the civil society.

Human Rights Watch director for Central Africa Lewis Mudge

Disappointment for the British Government

With its plan to send asylum seekers who arrived illegally in the United Kingdom to this East African country more than 6,000 km from London, the government claims to be curbing illegal crossings of the Channel, which have controlled immigration since Brexit. Stops growing despite his repeated promises to do so. ,

This new UK migration policy has been criticized since it was announced in April. NGOs accused London of outsourcing its asylum system to a country with little respect for its minorities. By Tuesday evening, the British government promised to land the plane even with a single migrant.

Home Secretary Priti Patel talks about them” Disappointment “And by this Tuesday evening, signals the start of preparations for the next flight.” We will not be discouraged from doing the right thing and implementing our plans to control our country’s borders ”, he added. The plan, criticized by the United Nations, is very popular among conservative voters, while Prime Minister Boris Johnson is trying to restore his authority after avoiding a no-confidence motion from his party.

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