Flemish Hospital Group wants to make vaccination mandatory for its employees

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Flemish hospital group wants vaccination against coronavirus to become mandatory for nursing staff to avoid new outbreak of contamination at Zorgnet-Icuro nursing home. This was said by the network’s general manager, Margot Cloit, on the VTM channel on Monday.

Mrs Cloete’s response was prompted by the entry of the South African version into a nursing home in Enzegam, West Flanders. Twelve residents and six workers were infected, while 96% of residents and 90% of employees were vaccinated. Half of infected caregivers were not vaccinated.

«We believe that health workers should be vaccinated as soon as sufficient vaccines are available.», Said Margot Cloete. “The impact of the virus on residents of health centers, on sick people, is so significant. We do not want to continue care in this way with closed doors etc. For us, a commitment is therefore necessary»

Ethical question

This compulsory vaccination has been a topic of discussion for some time, especially given the low willingness to vaccinate among health workers.

However, the question of ethics arises in the form of advice to make vaccination compulsory for some groups of people.

«We can make it mandatory, as in the case of Hepatitis B; The health sector cannot employ employees who have not been vaccinated. In fact, we choose one way»Includes Mrs. Cloete.

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