Flash season 7: Love in the heart of a new poster unveiled by The CW

A new poster for season 7 of The Flash has been unveiled by The CW and it gives us a good glimpse of the love within the Flash team!

Season 7 of The Flash has not yet landed on The CW as the series has already been renewed for season 8 by the network … At this pace, we wonder if The Flo is not ahead of Arrow in the term season And probably from fans. In any case, from March 2, Barry Allen and his team will return to our screens and these new episodes promise to be exciting. The first will come to close the season 6 plot that was disrupted due to the coronovirus epidemic. One thing is certain, This love will last during season 7 Flash As a brand new poster!

As we approach this season 7 Flash, A new poster has been released and of course Barry Allen is at the heart of this poster. But this time, he is not alone. The superhero is surrounded by his relatives and we find Joe, Iris, Katlin aka Frost as well as Cisco. The original Flash team is still very close and united and this is what makes the Arrowverse series strength. “Love will conquer the darkness”, We read in the official tweet of The Flash’s Twitter account which also adds “Season 7 will begin on Tuesday March 2!” The countdown has officially begun! By then, find out if HR Wells can return in season 7 of The Flash.

Sincerely: CW

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