FixWarzone: gamers have enough

On social media and in-game, gamers have started using FixWarzone to demonstrate their displeasure with the lack of fixes for Warzone.

(Pictures courtesy of Activism)

The problem started after the Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War arrived in the warzone this winter. Now bugs persist during updates and players get tired of waiting for Activision to repair the damage. This is why we can see popularization on the social network at the moment and the new slogan FixWarzone in the game aims to shake things up towards Activision.

Unfortunately, we can say that Warzone has earned this new campaign of disappointment as the game is definitely not going through its best period. The relentless excitement bug, the invincible glitches, theaters that play unaffected, the suspected SBMM (skill-based matchmaking) are all the reasons players are asking to listen.

Recently, Activation shut down a fan-made site, which gave players in-game ratings, but major bugs remain. Some accuse the publisher of not having priorities in the right places. Some players even go so far as to request the withdrawal of weapons from the Black Ops Cold War in Warzone as it causes problems. Needless to say that the warzone is currently in hot water.

#FixWarzone from CODWarzone

To join the movement and show your frustration on Activision, you can change the name of your clan to FIXWZ, as left on the Warzone’s Reddit page, among other things. The post has already received over 1.5 thousand comments and the players are really eager to get the message to the publisher peacefully. Then it is time to fix the warzone once and for all!

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