Five weeks after the kidnapping, fourteen students were freed by their kidnappers – Barlamane


Five brothers were killed by their captives in the days following the kidnapping at Greenfield University in Kaduna to press for ransom on families and the government.

A local police spokesman told AFP that fourteen students of Greenfield University in Kaduna, Northern Nigeria were released by their hostages on Saturday, 40 days after the abduction.

“Fourteen students from Greenfield were released this evening”, Mohammed Jalige said. “They left him on the road between Abuja and Kaduna”, He assured that he did not know whether the ransom was paid or not.

On April 20, “Bandits” Invaded Greenfield University and kidnapped about 20 students. One employee was also killed in the attack.

Five students were murdered to press for ransom on families and the government. The government of the state of Kaduna, which was in the grip of great insecurity and increase in these heinous kidnappings, made these executions eligible. “Satanic and absolutely cruel acts”.

But he strongly discouraged parents from paying the ransom so as not to encourage further kidnapping.

These armed bands, whose members are commonly called “Bandits” In the region, terrorize the population in West-Central and North-West Nigeria, looting villages, stealing livestock and mass kidnapping for ransom.

For several months these bandits have been engaged in mass kidnapping targeting schools: 730 children and teenagers have been abducted since December 2020.

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