fishing or raising?

to meet global demand Pisces is growing strongly, as we saw in our first report” Shall we still eat the fish we caught tomorrow? »We have two weapons: catch more fish, which will be dramatic, or raise it. In fact, in the coming decades, it will be necessary to change peach fromFisheries.

We could argue, a bit ironically, that fishermen are 3,000 years behind breeders. It’s been a long time since breeders told themselves ” running after it is exhausting pigs, if I raised pigs “. But the fishermen kept saying fearlessly ” But I like to run after the fish, it gives me wind “. But 3,000 years have passed and the arms race continues to improve to make up for the loss of the fish. Now we have the means to catch all the fish together without leaving them to breed, and Global warming And this Pollution complete the work To fully understand, imagine for example that we ask the US military to hunt wild boar in the forest of Fontainebleau, obviously there won’t be one, exactly the same thing happens at sea.

so it is clear that as the pig for the fish, but also cattleMutton, chicken, duck etc., if we want to keep eating it, it has to be raised now.

Fishing is now indispensable

This claim is not quite clear in France, precisely because there are very few Fisheries. It is worth noting that we only raise mussels and oysters. But this is not happening at all in the rest of the world. Production ofFisheries Globally, there has been a five-fold increase in the last 30 years and accounted for 82 million tonnes in 2018.

This can be compared to beef, of which we consumed 72 million tonnes in the same year. So let’s know that we eat more farmed fish than beef on earth! This reality greatly surprised the French. And, very likely, we will soon be eating tons more farmed fish than pigs!

In addition, farmed fish are now consumed more by humans. caught fishBecause some part of the caught fish is used to feed the raised fish.

In this dossier, we will address the strongly growing demand for fish and aquaculture as a solution for preventing and providing a solution to the extinction of marine life. protein to the world’s population. In this region, a distant Europe would have to fix and intensify this type of breeding. There are options likeaquaponics and the culture of algae. good reading!

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