First visit: Lunch with Steinmeier Queen

As a former foreign minister and current federal president, Frank-Walter Steinmeier knows many celebrities. But his visit to Great Britain was something special: he dined with the queen.

Royals ask the table: federal president Frank-Walter Steinmeier Met on Tuesday during his inaugural visit Great britain With queen Elizabeth II. Had a meeting.

The 91-year-old queen had Steinmeier (61) and his wife at lunch in the center at Buckingham Palace London Invited. Prince William was also present at the reception.

Stanmire has been traveling in several countries ever since he took office eight months ago – he has been used as the foreign minister ever since. The appointment with the Queen was also special to him. Clear instructions for the press: Yes, take photos, but don’t ask questions! This also applies to Stanmier’s later visit to Westminster Abbey, a kilometer away. There he garlanded the tomb of an unknown soldier and showed him the coronation church.

The queen wore a salmon-colored dress in a dark suit at Buckingham Palace, Steinmeier. Perhaps something to talk about on the table: Prince Harry, the queen’s popular grandson, and divorced American actress Meghan Markle announced their engagement the day before. The wedding is scheduled to take place next May.

Steinmeier is angered by the United Kingdom’s plan to pull out of the European Union in March 2019. In his first major speech as federal president, he sharply criticized the exit of the European Union before the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Brexi He made a wrong decision: “It is irresponsible to say that a European country can stand alone and unhindered in this world.” to me Make your voice audible or emphasize your financial interests. “

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Was that also the subject of lunch with the queen? Hardly likely. Because the royalty does not interfere in politics in principle – indirectly. Royals often travel on behalf of the government, also to ensure good weather for the post-Brexit period.

Some contemporaries believe that the state of the country can also be read from its magnificent buildings; Many of them are ill in the UK. The same applies to Buckingham Palace, which is in need of renovation. Nothing has been done for 60 years on the power lines covering a good 160 kilometers through the palace. It falls here, it rains there and even a toilet is broken by the wall.

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