First Victim of Omicron Edition in UK

Omicron’s first victim arrives. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that at least one patient with the new variant has died in the United Kingdom. Press Association report.

Johnson told reporters while visiting a vaccination center in Paddington, west London. The British Premier insisted that the idea that the Omicron is a less dangerous variant “has to be set aside” and that “it is simply necessary to recognize the speed at which it moves through the population”. “So the best thing we can do is immunize with a booster dose,” he concluded.

About 40% of new Covid infections registered in London are due to the Omron variant, British Health Minister Sajid Javid said he was concerned about the rapid rise in cases, which double within two to three days. With these rhythms the Omicron is destined to overcome the delta quickly, thus becoming dominant. Hospitalizations and deaths in the UK “will increase dramatically” over the next few daysMe, Javid said, referring to the House of Commons.

Even Prime Minister Boris Johnson, speaking to reporters at a vaccination center in London, underscored the alarming rise in cases and said it is expected in the British capital and other regions of the United Kingdom that Omicron Infection from those destined to cross over. Powered by Delta Edition. “By tomorrow it will be the majority of cases and it is increasing more and more”, said the Prime Minister, according to whom it is increasingly clear, as already announced by the Minister of Health, the very high transmittance of this new mutation. Furthermore, for prem, the risk is too high that the spread of the variant could reach numbers such as filling hospitals with absolute numbers of patients, even with a relatively limited percentage of symptomatic cases.

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more than 50 million cases of covid in america – The cases of Kovid in the United States have exceeded 50 million. The New York Times expands on this, underlining that this figure exceeds the total populations of Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina and Ohio. However, this is an estimate that probably does not capture the total number of cases as many infected people have no symptoms and not all are tested.

And China has also identified its first case of an Omicron version of COVID-19 in Tianjin, 150 kilometers east of Beijing, following genome sequencing. Chinese media gave this information quoting the Tianjin Center for Prevention and Control of Epidemic.

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