First scientific day in health and biomedical sciences

On the initiative of the Network of Medical Skills of the World (C3M) and Universitas Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdela (USMBA), the first scientific days of work in the field of health and biomedical sciences opened in Fez on Monday. Fez.

This scientific program, placed under the sign “Together to Promote Knowledge in Morocco”, is part of the implementation of the New Development Model (NMD) and strengthening the contribution of Moroccan medical skills around the world in the implementation of the New Health Strategy Is. Empire. Speaking on the occasion, Yusuf Lulidi, representative of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Innovation, emphasized that these meetings are an ideal opportunity to encourage cooperation in the fields of training, scientific research and technology transfer as well as mobility . Researchers and clinicians said these days the focus is on biomedical research as a determining factor in developing a health system. Mr. Lulidi said the health crisis associated with COVID-19 “needs not only an efficient healthcare service, especially through qualified human resources, but also the centrality of the question of health sovereignty, which means research and innovation.” capacity building”.

Morocco is actively working towards the implementation of the royal project for the normalization of social security, a significant part of which consists of the integration of more than several million Moroccans into compulsory health insurance, he said, specifying that this It is an ambitious project that raises several challenges, particularly in the context of strengthening the supervision of medical personnel and the equitable distribution of care supplies at the regional level.

For his part, the President of Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdela University (USMBA) in Fez, Redouane Mrabet, stressed that this scientific event is the world’s first to develop the skills of Moroccans working in the fields of health, biomedical research, biotechnology and related sciences. brings together. It aims to create synergies in all areas, including scientific research, transfer of technology and expertise, and medical and scientific training.

The USMBA was ranked 1st Moroccan university for the fourth year in a row according to the latest international rankings of Time Higher Education 2022, recalling that research and innovation is structured within 58 laboratories and three centers of doctoral studies accredited by the university .

Samir Qaddar, President-Founder of the C3M Network, underlined that the Moroccan Medical Skills Network of the World is a real force for proposals and actions, noting that it specifically includes a scientific committee, a “Biblio” committee, a is included. Seminar Committee for Ethics and another.

After emphasizing “the value of networks that are fundamental to tangible and lasting results”, Mr. Qaddar reviewed his objectives, which included, among other things, mobilizing and networking various skills through the world, exchanging experiences. To facilitate and promote innovative and socially responsible health policies and scientific research. It also includes conducting training for trainers, supporting projects in the health sector and developing hospital management models and quality standards.

C3M’s founding president stressed in this context that the network supports the implementation of new growth models and new health reforms, in particular the establishment of a computerized medical and pharmaceutical file. and promotes good governance and utilization. of new technologies.

The inaugural session was marked by the signing of a partnership agreement between the Moroccan Medical Skills Network of the world and the Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdela University of Fez.

The program for these days (March 7-11) includes conferences and workshops on the topics of scientific and medical research, health management and policies, scientific and medical training, promotion of innovation and research, science as well as scientific ethics and integrity . ,

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