First return to Nintendo Switch OLED praises its screen

Some US media have been able to try out Nintendo Switch OLED. They highlight this screen of much better quality.

A few days ago, Nintendo surprised everyone by formalizing a new Switch. Many expected a more powerful Pro model, but in the end, the manufacturer preferred to offer more comfort for on-the-go gaming. Expected for October 7 in France, the OLED Switch has already been tested by some US media. Everything suggests that the changes made are really interesting, without justifying any purchase.

« The OLED Switch has a bigger, more beautiful display, and that’s more than enough to justify its existence. “The Verge says in its release published on July 9. The journalist was able to (re)search Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild On a screen that he judges” brighter and more alive “. Thanks to OLED technology, bright elements look better than dark areas, which is a real plus.

Pokémon Sur Switch OLED // Source: YT / Nintendo

The OLED Switch’s screen is convincing

« While those who regularly play in dock mode on a good TV won’t be impressed by the Switch’s OLED display, it still makes the portable experience more beautiful than ever. “, for his part explains GameSpot. He was able to compare it with the original Switch and a PSVita – a portable console also equipped with an OLED screen – and claims that the new Switch has an improved screen. Want her to see what her favorite sport looks like – Bayonetta 2 and super smash bros ultimate. which bodes well.

IGN, for whom the OLED screen is clearly the most” exciting “Want to highlight the device that replaced the ridiculous crutches of the earlier Switch. The media didn’t expect this new version” corrects both defects ». « Its hinge provides a sufficiently satisfactory level of resistance to be easily oriented while in place “, he supports. ” If the charging port wasn’t inaccessible in tabletop mode, you can say third-party cradles have timed out. “, he gets angry anyway.

There’s no cheating on the goods about the superior quality of the speakers. They offer more powerful and clear According to The Verge, that has a preference for headphones (always connected to the jack port). We find a similar story on IGN: ” The on-board speakers have been improved, providing a better audio experience when not playing with headphones. »

Upon arrival, the three media agree on the same point: The Switch is a fine development of the OLED switch, which doesn’t mean it tends to go back to the cash register. Its new features ultimately pertain to only two modes of use: portable and table. ” Reforms will not create new experiences, they will only improve existing experiences », concludes The Verge.

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