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By joining this special offer, you can take advantage of access to our membership Patreon And its advantages (exchange with teams, vote, share content in preview) and also get Mag Futura at home for free (sending is effective after the third month of registration).

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Le Mag Futura: Our first paper journal to make science accessible to as many people as possible

mag futura A crowdfunding campaign on Ulule last October was born out of the hard work of writing and decoding. This paper review offers you to dive into the heart of the 4 scientific themes that will mark 2022 from Earth to the Moon:

  • What secrets does the moon still hide from us?
  • How to feed without destroying the world?
  • Will we soon be able to fix everything thanks to genes?
  • Will Artificial Intelligence Really Become Intelligent?

View each of these questions in one huge accessible and attractive file in a variety of educational formats!

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