Fincantieri weaves its web in Morocco

by Ismail Benbaba on 07/20/2021 at 8:43 pm.

Kiosk 360. The Italian shipyard Fincantieri is discussing the sale of two anti-submarine FREMMs with Morocco. Description.


After Egypt and Indonesia, Italian shipyard Fincantieri is targeting sales of the FREMM frigate in Morocco, Latribune.FR reported in one of its recent publications. The French newspaper indicates that the company, by favorable currents, is thus firing on all cylinders internationally. We have learned that Fincantieri, backed by the Italian Caisse des Dépts (Cassa Depositi e prestiti 80%, which is owned by the Italian state), is discussing the sale of two anti-submarine FREMMs with Morocco. “The Royal Navy seeks to increase its defense and interdiction capabilities at sea, whether in the Mediterranean Sea (from its naval base at Saffron Sagir) or on its Atlantic coast, where Rabat plans to build a new home port for its ships in Safi by 2025. ”, explains, if this operation was successful, it would be surprising. And this is because “Italy has also equipped Algeria, which is not exclusively an ally of Morocco”, The newspaper tells.

Naval Group, which sold a French FREMM (Aquitaine Class) ordered in 2007, seems to have completely fallen from the clouds, after the first leaks on social networks and in the press in early July, we learn. “Within the Navy group, this announcement created an uproar which lasted for a fortnight. The Naval Group will send a delegation to Morocco early next week to assess the damage: are the Italians pushing for an unsolicited offer or has Morocco actually started talks? », asks, emphasizing that, by then, the Moroccan navy needed two maritime patrol boats, 90m OPV (Offshore Patrol Vessel) disputed by CMN and Kership among others.

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For, a new Italian breakthrough, especially in Morocco, would not only cause disarray in France, but would be perceived as a real slap in the face of Paris in front of Rabat, with which, it is true, it Currently maintains icy relationship..

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