Finance Minister in the rain of criticism regarding his tax system

From whooping cough to pariya? British Finance Minister Rishi Sunak was lauded by conservatives until recently. But since his financial arrangements have been exposed, his aura has waned. These include the millions saved in taxes by his wealthy wife and the US green card he had until last year. “At a time when the chancellor is asking people to pay so much tax […] Certainly the public expects that the minister’s family will be affected in the same way as others are,” Labor MP Yvette Cooper told the BBC on Sunday.

Rishi Sunak’s wealthy Indian wife Akshata Murthy benefits from “not resident” status in the United Kingdom, even though she lives in London, allowing her not to pay taxes on her foreign income to the British tax authorities. . After criticism, she announced on Friday that she would be giving up the benefit.

Rishi Sunak’s name also appeared in tax haven trusts

“The question is not whether it is legal, but whether it is ethical,” Yvette Cooper said. “And the fact that they [Akshata Murty et Rishi Sunak] Now they have changed their system, indicating that they believe this is a problem, but they would not have done so if it had not been made public. The British newspaper revealed on Sunday that the government would launch an investigation into the origin of Akshata Murthy’s tax status leak. The Sunday TimesCiting a government source.

Rishi Sunak is also being criticized for a lack of transparency after admitting on Friday that he had until last year an American “green card” that granted him permanent resident status in the United States. According to the newspaper, his name also appears in trusts in the British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands, two tax havens. Independent,

Defended by the Secretary of State in charge of the police

Green cards “really added more complexity and more financial obligations, not less,” Police Secretary Kit Malthhouse told Sky News on Sunday. “Rishi Sunak has been a valuable asset to this country over the years. They have put in place incredible aid programs during the pandemic,” he said.

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Rishi Sunak, a young Tory rising star, had spent a lot to help the people of Britain during the pandemic.

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