Finally, Gers. There is no case of avian influenza in

false alarm. The laboratory analysis has spoken: the suspected case that appeared in the city of Kazabon (32) on Wednesday, October 13, had no connection with avian influenza

Breeders may have heaved a “sigh” of relief upon hearing the news. This Thursday, 14 October, the prefecture of Gers confirmed, supported by results from the Pyrenees and Landes’ laboratory, raising doubts surrounding the breeding of Cazabon. The day before, Thursday, October 13, fear was strong enough for state services around the city to keep this operation, a case of avian influenza suspected of being under surveillance. In the end, it was not.

Immediate consequences: the repeal of decrees jointly made by the prefectures of Landes and Gers on Thursday, 13 October – given the proximity of the zones – which opened a temporary containment zone and called on breeders to a full range of drastic measures would be forced. . In the Landes, only the municipalities of Gaboret, Parlebosch and Askelon were concerned. There again, we breathe.

be on the lookout

This false alert, in any case, shows the fever of officials fearing a resurgence of avian influenza in the region, while the period of passage of migratory birds, carriers of this virus, begins. During the last crisis, which lasted from December 2020 to mid-March 2021, 2.4 million animals were slaughtered in the Landes department alone: ​​1.7 million palmipedes and 700,000 poultry. The first case was officially detected on 9 December in Benesse-Maremne. In total, 470 farms had to be closed.

The state and public health services have been on alert since the first case was confirmed in the Ardennes last October.

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