Filming for the Fallout series will begin next June. Xbox one

Series and filmmakers no longer hide their interest in video games and the proliferation of adaptation projects is the perfect example. While the Halo series has just arrived in France, it’s the Fallout adaptation project that brings us news with solid information on the start of filming.

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Shooting begins in New York in less than two months

This is what we learn from job offers published on the StuntAccess site. The teams of the Amazon-produced Fallout TV series in its cryptic form are currently looking for new stuntmen for the project called “Hondo”. Cosmic Circus journalists published an article about it with screenshots of the job posting.

The essence of this series project is still unclear, as is the code name “Hondo”. The latter would likely refer to the old ’50s Western by the same name, the Western in which the famous John Wayne played. Could the series be set in a Western-inspired universe closer to Fallout New Vegas? Hard to know at the moment. The only confirmation we have is that filming should begin in New York by June 20th and that the project is indeed progressing.

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