Film studios: 2 billion euro plan to make France a leader

Caroline Champetier, director of photography for “Annet” by Léos Carreaux, sees it as a legacy of the 1960s New Wave, the influence of which has long inspired French directors to shoot in natural settings. Still, France lacks film studios at a time when demand is exploding, including international, due to the importance of Netflix-type platforms. “We don’t know how to meet the additional 30% of demand,” said Mark Wade, production manager at Gaumont. Not only sets, but teams are also missing. “Today, films are delayed because we are waiting for the actors to free themselves, but rather for the technicians”, smiles this professional.

During a round table on the “Modernization of the French Production Mechanism” organized by the National Cinema Center (CNC) at the Cannes Film Festival this weekend, Seventh Arts and Television Sectors welcomed the 350 million euro plan of public funding. To lead to 2 billion in total investment in film studios, but also in training schools. Forming a section of the 54 billion euro France 2030 plan aimed at reducing the country’s carbon footprint by 40%, it is a French response to a 300 million euro investment by Italy in Cinecita, with funding from the European Recovery Fund. Thank you for , But not for the billions invested in the famous studios of Elstree, Pinewood or Shepperton in the United Kingdom, or even for Greece’s efforts to attract the production of films and series.

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