Film director Ken Loach fired from the Labor Party

British film director Ken Loach, known for his social realist plays, claims he was expelled from the Labor Party. He says so on Twitter. He’s talking about “witch hunting”.

Things are faltering within the left-wing Labor Party, the arch-enemy of the conservative Tories. Labor leader Keir Starmer promised to put things in order. According to Guardian There is even talk of ‘eliminating’ leftist factions within the party. Thus, the leader tries to make a difference with his predecessor, Jeremy Corbyn.

Filmmaker Ken Loach says he was expelled from the party for this reason. “The Labor leadership has finally decided that I am unfit to continue in the party as I do not wish to distance myself from those who have already been expelled,” he wrote on Twitter. He also says that he is proud to stand by his “close friends and companions who were victims of purification”.

Labor has yet to comment on the news.

divided party

Loch Keir is a supporter of Starmer’s predecessor, Jeremy Corbyn, who advocated a very left-wing policy. According to the party leadership, he was expelled from the party last year for “minimizing” anti-Semitism in the party. Since then, labor has become more divided than ever. Furthermore, he finds it difficult to reconcile industrial sector workers with hip, left-wing urbanites.

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Socialist Ken Loch is not particularly active politically, but symbolically he is heavy. He is known to stick up for the little guy. In 2016, the 85-year-old filmmaker won another Golden Palm for his socially sensitive film me, daniel blake, about a carpenter who has to go through a hellish bureaucratic road to get profit.

He left the party once in the 1990s, dissatisfied with Tony Blair’s policies. Under Jeremy Corbyn, he rejoined Labor.

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