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MWEDNESDAY, MAY 11, FICAM* The curtain fell, and it’s hard to get off the cloud it’s set us on… and we pass and replay the images, scenes, scenes that are now in our minds Indelibly settled, much done they shake us with their sublime. Because the festival offered us not only terrestrial feasts, of which we preserve apart from a tempting taste. Above all, he generously served works bearing the seal of excellence. Short and feature films, beautiful crop. The stars were raining loudly, but the real star was FICAM. This year it celebrated its 20th birthday. It fits like a charm and does not show wrinkles. A must for fans of the said cinema and “First Animation Film Festival in Africa and the Arab World“Let’s get to know the organisers. A showcase featuring youth shoots and only current and fashion…

Drunk on its longevity and the dazzling success of its previous versions, some hastened to compare FICAM to Annecy. It was going on very quickly. Is. For lovers of comparison without rhyme or reason, this is neither an imitation of Annecy nor a double; FICAM is a phenomenon that has a soul of its own – it stands above all for dialogue, exchange and openness. Refreshing, brimming with enthusiasm, FICAM has pointed its enticing promises to the horizon of our gourmet senses.

Of the 49 short films and 7 feature films entered into the competition, some have been made with limited means, but sometimes in minor cases, the pure diamond is hidden. Are this year’s offers high-end? Only lucky people are able to answer this question who have seen them. For others, the joy of discovery remains. which is no less beneficial.

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A homogeneous selection at the top of the range

France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada, United States of America, Japan, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ireland, Chile, United Kingdom, Lebanon, Algeria: As always, trips to people’s imagination are special. She was enchanting.

focus on Lamya’s poem, hand-knitted by Alex Kronmer, opening its XXth edition was not accidental, necessarily. The film, which tells the story of a young Syrian girl who finds a magical path that leads her to Jalal Aidin Rumi (she will help him write the poem that, 800 years later, will save his life), is entirely out of sight. The analogy is defended by the festival. It is a work and not a product, personal, exemplary, and that follows on FICAM’s favorite theme: “openness to the world“. However, this was by no means his only merit; good films hit the gate and we would be mesmerized one, passing from one pleasant surprise to another.

According to the formula for such, and althougharchipelago (Canada) exudes an odor of bitterness by Felix Dufour-Leperier, it is “invigorating”poem that emerges,

The neighbors of my neighbors are my neighbors There is another film that has amazed the fans of animation cinema. Disturbing in their ways of manipulating codes, the film, directed by Frenchmen Léo Marchand and Anelor Dauffis, depicts the intertwined destinies of ten neighbours, in opposition to the (un)friendly dangers of everyday life. able to do. Black … and a lot of fun.

Fate smiles at Mrs. NikukoBy Japanese Ayumu Watanabe, the story of a free woman who settles in a small fishing village, in the vain hope of living there with her daughter Kikurin, has won over observers. Critics are no less enthusiastic. deserves special attention”metaphorical parallelBetween Nikuko and Kikurin; There “accuracywith which Watanabe, whose second feature film, explores the margins of Japanese society; ,blasphemous range»… For us, this film, though very rhythmic and where we find an undeniable tenderness as well as an untimely dark humour, is a matter of pure contemplation – fascinated or united.

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Crossroad (France, Czech Republic and Germany), this feature film is breathtaking in animated painting. A remarkable film under a hint of childhood farewell and fear of the future. Avoiding the pitfalls of complacency, director Florence Mielhe staged here in a pictorial gesture of joyous melancholy, which created his imagination.

The competition was tough. many favorites peak of the gods (France, Luxembourg) by Patrick Imbert and my afghan family For example by Michael Pavlatova for the films mentioned above. And the arguments were just as unstoppable! Works are small miracles, never so close to the story when the story tinkers with the rawest reality, when a poem without words nurtures an inexhaustible testimony on human (un)pleasures.

* This edition, which took place in Meknes until May 11, will continue in 11 other Moroccan cities until May 15, thanks to FICAM Morocco

Stars: Tributes paid to them

This version paid tribute to some of the dubbing masters who have dubbed the French voices of Marge and Homer in The Simpsons since 1990, a true pop culture phenomenon on a planetary scale: Philippe Pethieu and Véronique Augereau. Both these actors also gave an extraordinary master class around the art of dubbing, during which the couple rewarded the festival audience with live dubbing as part of Mint Tees…,”Friendly meeting, which over the years has become one of the essential moments of the festival“, we learn.

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