FICAK: “A Taste of Our Land”, an incendiary look at the “new colonization” of Africa

Tuesday, May 31, 2022 at 9:10 pm

-DNES: Abdeltif Abilqasem-

Khuribaga – In his film “A Taste of Our Land”, screened as part of the feature film competition of the 22nd edition of the Khuribaga International African Film Festival (FICAK) on Monday, Rwandan director Yuhi Amulli on one of the took an indignant look at the forms of “new colonization” facing Africa.

The work, the plot of which takes place in an African country whose young filmmaker did not wish to be named, sheds light on the phenomenon of the occupation of the continent through the economy, more precisely the actions of several foreign companies. Those who exploit natural resources have conditions often considered unfair.

The film tells the story of Yohani, an African citizen who tries his best to support his pregnant wife. One day, he finds a nugget of gold in a mine that a Chinese company operates without sharing the money with the local population.

While trying to escape with his precious quest, Yohani will find himself in conflict with Cheng, the Chinese in charge of managing the mine and who is willing to do anything to recover the nuggets.

Similarly, the film depicts Chang’s violent and harsh treatment of African mine workers, especially if they try to protest. In fact, Africa represents only one large mine for this Chinese company that can be tapped through a cheap local workforce.

Referring to his film, the director said that he wanted to draw attention to the issue of “Chinese presence in Africa”, emphasizing that the activity of many Chinese companies creates the feeling that it is “a form of business”. new look”. continent.

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In a statement to MAP, Mr. Amuli said that he would like to start a debate on the issue with African and foreign audiences through this film, believing that Fick represents an opportune time for them, to Khuribagi. Known as a knowledgeable public with a great cinematographic culture.

During discussions with the festive public surrounding the film, the director did not try to downplay the strong political dimension of the feature film. “It’s my way of getting people’s attention and changing the way they think”, like Yohani, who became aware of the extent of the phenomenon upon the discovery of the nuggets. Overexploitation of local resources by foreign companies.

If the director of Rwanda did not want to specify the name of the country in which the story takes place, it is because, according to him, the phenomenon is present in several African countries.

Through this film, Yuhi Amulli begins a new round in the fight against a new form of occupation of Africa, a battle that has already begun, thanks to great figures of African cinema, such as Senegalese Osman Sembane, who The suffering of Africans is highlighted during the colonial and post-colonial periods.

Furthermore, the film is not limited to condemning the foreign overexploitation of African wealth, but also raises other issues, such as corruption and religion as a means to facilitate the exploitation of resources.

“A Taste of Our Land” is the first feature film of Yuhi Amulli, who has three short films, with whom she has participated in many festivals around the world.

Twelve other films are running in the official feature film competition, representing Morocco, Tunisia, Chad, Algeria, Egypt, Zambia, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Cameroon, Cte d’Ivoire and Namibia.

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Presided over by Moroccan director Saad Charabi, the jury for this edition includes Hammadi Guiroum (Morocco), Kantarama Gahigiri (Rwanda), Maguey Kaase (Senegal) and Khalid El Hagar (Egypt).

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