Fez Festival of Sacred Music of the World: Final Preparations Ahead of Launch of 26th Edition

Hours before the launch of the 26th edition of the Fez Festival of Sacred Music of the World, the entire city is busy welcoming the cream of the stars of sacred music from around the world under the theme “Architecture and the Sacred”.

Tomorrow is the launch of the Fez Festival of the World’s Sacred Music. This year the 26th edition of the festival is returning from June 9 to 12, after two years of interruption and relapse due to the health crisis. So the whole city is busy welcoming the cream of the world’s sacred music stars under the theme “Architecture and the Sacred”.

To travel in sounds and images from Morocco through the five major religions (Islam, Christianity) during the opening ceremony, as usual with major shows presented by the festival’s director and former artistic director Alain Weber The public will be invited. , Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism). Inspired by Victor Hugo’s quote, “Architecture is the great book of humanity” (“Notre Dame de Paris”), the show will combine performances by many musicians from different traditions and extraordinary mapping projections on the secular walls of Bab el Macina.

From the Gothic cathedral to the Hebrew synagogue, from the immaculate marble of Mongolian India to the clay soil of the royal mosques of Morocco, the visible pays homage to the invisible, tracing the vertical axes between the Creator and his creation, the sky and the earth. Earth, Universe and Nature.

“Starting with the hydraulic clock, Bikinia (758 of Hegira/1357 AD), which punctuated the time of Fez, the voices would celebrate the splendor of medieval rose windows such as Notre-Dame known as the “Ray Rose”. (1250). This ‘rose’ takes us back to the contents of Tibetan mandalas through the chemical composition of 25,000 pieces of glass made of sand.

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The latter personifies the wheel of existence, but also the fleeting part of our earthly life, in contrast to this challenge of time, which the Great Hassan II Mosque evokes today”, reveals Alain Weber.

diversity of civilizations
Reflecting the vast diversity of spiritual voices across civilizations, this 26th edition will welcome artists from over 15 countries, including the Sultanate of Oman, Kazakhstan, India, France, Italy and Senegal. There are big names in the program. The Rouhani Sisters, who are performing abroad for the first time and are among the greatest interpreters of Indian Sufism, will respond to the voices of Senegalese authentic Kora and the great Seni Camera.

Onikki Muqam of Central Asia, the polyphonies will resonate with Sardes. The creation of pianist and composer Michael Levinas, with soprano Marion Grange, centers around the poems of Paul Ceylon, taken from his speech “The Passion According to Mark”, and other compositions inspired by the Kaddish of the Hebrew tradition would be echoed in the Tempest Ensemble.

Which will be under the direction of Chef Simon-Pierre Bastien, which explores the links that our monotheistic cultures and religions have forged around the Mediterranean for centuries. The fusion between the oriental jazz of famed trumpet player Ibrahim Malouf and the Balkan music of the much cosmopolitan Hadouti orchestra will finally pay homage to both the secular and sacred dimensions of the festival, during the much-anticipated Saturday evening.

high value websites heritage
With each edition, a diversity of artistic proposals will be deployed on sites with high heritage value and will make it possible to rediscover unique places of memory, such as the grand site of Bab el Makina where the official ceremonies of the Royal Palace once took place, But still the riots of Medina such as Dar Adiel, the former residence of the governor of Fez under Sultan Moulay Abdullah.

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The Gyan Sabil Garden, built in the 18th century, will provide a peaceful environment for visitors for afternoon outdoor concerts. Intimate concerts will also be offered at the Aben Danan Synagogue, a jewel of 12th-century Moroccan Jewish culture, which was completely restored in 2013, and finally, every evening from 11am, ‘Sufi Nights’ hosted by the stars of Fez. is done by. Batha will thrill Vilaya’s hall in front of the museum.

contribution intellectual
Since 2001, the festival has incorporated a scientific component in the form of a stage. A venue for debate and cultural enrichment, led by celebrities and accessible to all. This edition, Saturday, June 11, centers around architecture as an imprint, landmark and framework of beliefs and spirituality, through two round tables, “Spaces and Ways of Life” and “Symbols of the Sacred”. Subject through.

According to the organisers, “this platform stands as an essential complement to the Festival that allows the Holy City to address its intellectual and spiritual contributions to the world through a message of humanism and universalism”.

a promotional tour in Paris and Madrid
A bearer of Moroccan values ​​of cultural openness and religious tolerance, the festival of Fez is an important vector of image for the state. As such, representatives of the Esprit de Fes Foundation and the festival’s organizing team visited France and Spain to publicize the event’s return to international fame.

On 12 April in Paris, a presentation was held at the Luxembourg Palace for the France-Moroccan Interparliamentary Friendship Group of the Senate and the French Press. Similarly, on May 19, in Madrid, a meeting within the framework of the residence of the Embassy of Morocco made it possible to present the program of the celebration, but also to strengthen the cultural and heritage ties between the two countries.

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Created in 1994 under the high patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI and the first of a new generation of festivals to bring to life Morocco’s cultural agenda, the Festival of the World’s Sacred Music will also be the first major concert of the summer. The revival of event activities in Morocco.

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