Fewer health control measures at the borders with the United Kingdom

Faced with the predominance of the Omicron version in both France and the United Kingdom, the government has chosen to lighten the specific health control measures at the borders that were fixed last December for vaccinated travelers from the United Kingdom. ,

These measures were taken while the pandemic was progressing gracefully in the United Kingdom, France, then relatively protected in the face of the Omicron wave. The now wide distribution of the version in both countries has prompted the government to decide on the following adjustments.

The rules that apply from Friday 14 January 2022 for travel from the United Kingdom to France are as follows:

  • All passengers must initially submit a negative test (PCR or antigenic test) within 24 hours whether vaccinated or not.
  • For vaccinated travellers, there is no obligation to justify a compelling reason to come to France, nor is there any obligation to honor the isolation period upon arrival in the national territory. Thus, the need to register before traveling on the “√ČOS Yatri” digital platform is done away with. Arrival screening can be conducted at the arrival locations. In the event of a positive result, the passenger will be kept in solitary confinement.
  • For non-vaccinated travellers, travel from the United Kingdom is authorized provided that it is able to justify a compelling reason valid for “red” countries.

Non-vaccinated travelers from the United Kingdom must, prior to their departure, continue to register on the EOS Traveler digital platform, which specifically allows them to enter the address of their stay in France.

On arrival in France they will have to follow a strict 10-day quarantine period at this location; This quarantine will be handled by law enforcement.

In addition, vaccinated travelers no longer have an obligation to justify a compelling reason for the United Kingdom to leave French territory.

Travel of unaffiliated travelers is authorized subject to being able to justify a compelling reason valid for “red” countries. In all cases, travelers wishing to visit the United Kingdom are invited to find out before their departure the conditions of entry into their destination country.

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