Fernando Alonso clarifies why he thinks ‘non-British’ Max Verstappen is deprived

Alonso has been asked to clarify his controversial statement that Max Verstappen will suffer because he is not a Briton, the two-time F1 champion was happy to explain.

Last week Alonso mentioned that it is more difficult for Verstappen to be world champion because he is not British. The two-time world champion said this when asked about the reaction to the incident between Verstappen and Hamilton at Silverstone.

He clarified those statements, saying that Formula 1 is clearly a primarily British affair and that drivers of other nationalities do not receive the same amount of media attention.

“I always get the impression that when things get a little spicy or exciting in the title race, the sport is a British affair,” he told the media in Budapest.

“The team is British, most of the journalists and media coverage, the TV crew, everyone is from the UK. It’s understandable that a man from his own country is given some preference.”

Alonso is also likely to talk about his own experience at McLaren, when a young Lewis Hamilton was an immediate title rival in his first year as his teammate. He said that he always thought he was a bad guy.

Meanwhile, Hamilton and Alonso have a good relationship on and off the track, but the title fight between Hamilton and Verstappen still brings back many memories.

“If I see the Silverstone thing, or if I see Verstappen getting some questions, etc., I definitely understand his position.”

He had another good fight with Lewis Hamilton at this year’s Hungarian GP that allowed him to retain the seven-time world champion long enough to win the race for his teammate Esteban Ocon. He admits that when he loses it hurts as much as he did in his heyday.

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“It’s a good question. I’ve asked myself this, but I don’t feel like, I still can’t handle it,” he replied asking whether he could better cope with his loss after 40.

But what is happening is that I am not in a position to be second or fight at the moment. “If I was at Mercedes or Red Bull and the other team won, I would be a volcano.”

“If you’re not in that situation, you have different goals in mind, more realistic goals for each weekend,” he explained. “Maybe it’s eighth, maybe to make it in Q3.”

“You have those little goals. But if I’m not in Formula 1 and I’m doing another activity, the volcano is still there. Whether it’s tennis or ping-pong, it doesn’t change.”

But it looks like Alonso is enjoying his second F1 career and has no immediate retirement plans.

“I enjoy it. I enjoy and I enjoy off-track activities that I would have never imagined.”

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