Fed prosecutor to say Congressional Roger Stone received special treatment

WASHINGTON – A federal prosecutor is preparing to tell Congress Wednesday that Roger Donald, a close ally of President Donald Trump, was given special treatment prior to his sentence for his relationship with the president.

According to the witness statement, Aaron Zelinsky, a ministry of justice prosecutor, a career working on cases as part of his investigation, including private lawyer Robert Mueller’s investigation against Stone, was released by the Parliamentary Judicial Committee to say that political assessments did not affect the handling of the case. The panel was brought to court as part of the investigation of Zelinksy and John Elias, who are career officials in the antitrust department of the department, under the investigation of the department under the Chief Prosecutor William Barr.

Zelinsky, one of the four lawyers who came out of the Stone case after the department overruled the proposal, said in his statement that the chiefs at the office he worked in were “treated differently than Stone and other defendants.” “At the time, the acting plans to say that US lawyer Timothy Shea” got heavy pressure from the top of the Ministry of Justice to take a break from Stone. “He doesn’t say who made the print.

The Ministry of Justice did not immediately comment.

Prior to Stone’s February 20 conviction, the Justice Department leadership changed the prison proposal a few hours after tweeting his displeasure in up to nine years in prison, saying Trump was too harsh. Then Stone was sentenced to more than three years in prison and two years of probation and a $ 20,000 fine.

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Barr said the president’s tweet played no role in the change. He said that he ordered new filing hours before the President’s tweet because he believed that he was caught unprepared with the first sentence, and that he was excessive based on the facts of the case. Making a new decision to the EP was a “right decision based on principles”.

According to his statement, Zelinsky will explain from the media that the Department of Justice plans to override the trial team’s conviction recommendation, which is unusual given the unusual practice of the department to not comment on cases. Although the U.S. Attorney’s Office initially said the reports were incorrect, the team was told that a new criminal memorandum would be issued later, which would have received a lighter penalty for Stone.

“We asked him to see the new agreement before filing over and over. Our request was rejected, ”says Zelinsky. “We were not informed about the content or essence of the proposed filing, or even who wrote it. We were told that a possible draft of the filing attacked us personally. “

Zelinsky also said that the US lawyer was giving Stone an unprecedented positive treatment because he “feared the President”.

Stone has been convicted of seven issues of an indictment accusing him of lying to Congress, dealing with a witness and investigating whether the Assembly was coordinating with Russia to end the 2016 election.

In a separate testimony published by the Committee, Elias plans to elaborate antitrust investigations, which say it has been launched on the objections of career staff. He said he asked the general inspector of the ministry to investigate “whether these issues are authority abuse, gross fund waste, and gross mismanagement”.

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