Father Macal (28) in deep mourning, first wife and now son deceased. abroad

Michael and his brother Jordi found it difficult to accommodate their mother’s death. Because his mother always enjoyed the spectacle of fireworks that McKell showed during the turn of the year, he also wanted something to flare up on New Year’s Eve. “I was told not to just fireworks,” Father Patrick Het tells Laatste Nieuws.

Something went wrong while shooting arrows. According to police, one of them erupted. Michael goes to see what exactly went wrong and at that moment fireworks explode in his face. According to his brother, Machel was knocked more than seven meters away when the firecrackers went off unexpectedly. Emergency services rushed to the spot, but the aid was no longer used. “He had an injury to his neck artery and it was fatal,” said Father Patrick. This Thursday he will say goodbye to his son along with family and some friends.

‘Out of understanding’

His father calls the incident inconsistent. Sometimes things went wrong, but his son always managed to solve them properly and safely. According to relatives, the flare came from a Bulgarian online store. There he bought his stock every year.

People lashed out on social media. The incident has been called ‘reckless and irresponsible’.

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