FAST (Women’s Art Science Technologies), an exhibition at ULB until 6 March

FAST (Women’s Art Science Technologies) is a free multidisciplinary exhibition taking place until Sunday, March 6, 2022.

Exhibition produced by Ohme and ULB Culture, to focus Creative spirit of science-loving women artists. The event is also an occasion for discussion question ofinvisibility Women in the history of science and art.

The exhibition takes place in a sensational and enigmatic location: the High Voltage Laboratory of the Polytechnic School of the Open University of Brussels, Brown, dark blue, deep blackā€¦ The built environment gives the visitors the impression of being immersed in the painting of Leon Spilliart.

In an atmosphere reminiscent of emancipation and many of the advances specific to the 19th century, the public explores the works and facilitiesContemporary artists based in the Brussels region who integrate science and technology into their creative processes, The public then discovers blown glass bubbles, dancing colors, the sound of the infinity of space and many more.

This exhibition, a. a metaphor for “Wall of Oblivion” there is also a tribute Women who have marked the western history of arts and sciences but still made invisible by society.

Where in this exhibition Art serves science and science serves artEverything is beautiful, mysterious, powerful, extremely scientific and poetic.

For more information about the exhibition: FAST (Women’s Art Science Technology)

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