Far right once again attacking Moroccan minors

This poster from the remote party can be seen on the walls of a suburban train station in Madrid, reports AFP, Describing that we are looking shoulder to shoulder, a woman, old, white hair, ugly looking, and an excited young man, with a headdress on his head, his mouth hidden under a scarf and pixelated eyes. In between the two, the media continues, a striking message: “A mena (foreign foreign minor), 4,700 euros per month, 426 euros of your grandmother, pension / month”. Thus, unknown migrant minors, one of Vox’s main campaign subjects, are still in the sites of leaders of this party who accuse them of theft or assault.

The poster sparked an avalanche of reactions: it is “an attack against the most vulnerable children in our country”, criticizing Social Rights Minister Ioan Bellara. As a result, through a joint statement, NGOs Caratas, UNICEF and Save the Children condemned a political “instrumentation”. In addition, Pedro Sánchez’s leftist government, as well as several citizens, seized the public prosecutor’s office in Madrid, which opened an investigation on Wednesday to incite hatred, the same source said.

Even since 2019, conservative President Isabel Diaz Ayuso, thanks to the votes of Vox, and the candidate for his re-election, and who does not rule out a new agreement, expressed his outrage on Wednesday by saying Did not hide what Vox said that this poster was not “true” and was “irrelevant”. She is asking to distance herself from any alliance with this party after the election, if she resorts to ensuring re-election, she is subject to strong pressure.

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But that unaccompanied minors can get so much money! There is no such thing, rejecting the regional officials contacted by AFP.

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