Fans of Netflix’s new legal thriller are invited to watch Matthew McConaughey’s film

If you’re a fan of Matthew McConaughey’s incredible performance Lincoln’s lawyerGet ready to say “OK, OK, OK” to this latest Netflix series. Take a look below:

In the 2011 film McConaughey played Mickey Haller, a defense attorney with a pretty dodgy client. He is a favorite among fans of the actor, with an impressive 83% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

So it should come as no surprise that a series of the same name on Netflix is ​​recommended for fans of the actor.

Lincoln’s lawyer The series hit the streaming platform on May 13 and although the story name is similar to the film, there are some key differences.

Firstly, the series is a continuation of the film’s story and don’t do that Same story.

Let’s say: While the film and series are based on the books by Michael Connelly, the film is based on the first book in the collection, also known as Lincoln’s lawyerBecause that name just seems to be a hit.

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo stars in Netflix’s The Lincoln Lauer series. credit: netflix

Meanwhile, the series is based on a second book, titled Brass verdict. we think they should have called it Lincoln’s Lawyer 2, but at least Brass Verdict less confusing.

So what’s the difference between the stories?

Well, while the 2011 film sees Mickey battling shady characters, the 2022 series sees the lawyer facing his own shadow, exploring his personal struggle with addiction.

The new series stars Manuel García-Rulfo as Mickey, with Nev Campbell as the ex-wife of lawyer Maggie McPherson.

Viewers immediately took to social media to share their thoughts, with one user writing: ” Lincoln’s lawyer It seems like one of the biggest things that happens to Latinos on TV.

“Not only is it well written, but it doesn’t focus on its ‘Latinity.’ García-Rulfo is the real deal, and her accent is a breath of fresh air for a Los Angeles-focused show. »

Now, we’d say that’s enough to at least give the show a try, but some viewers were still a little upset that McConaughey wasn’t involved in the project.

One user said: ‘I can’t believe Netflix did the Lincoln Lawyer TV show without Matthew McConaughey, it’s good, well, not good. ,

While another said: ‘I couldn’t join the Lincoln Lawyer series on Netflix, it feels like an after school special if you ask me.

“You can’t remake Matthew McConaughey’s character without getting the right amount of bang towards him, you’d never guess what the show is called… it’s Lincoln Lawyer. »

Still, there’s only one way to know if the series lives up to the movie and that is to watch it on Netflix now.

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