Fans of Jamie ‘Drop’ dance partner Karen twice on the live show Hysterics

Strictly Come Dancing 2020 star Jamie Ling appeared to throw his partner Karen Hauer in a hilarious moment, before it happened again.

After their action-packed performance in Hercules’ song Zero to Hero, Jamie chose to finish it and celebrate.

Although he turned around with her in his arms, he suddenly dropped her and went down with her.

Shortly afterwards a similar error occurred when the pair sought their epic scores from the judges.

Strictly Come Dance 2020 star Jamie Laing appeared to take down his partner Karen Haur

Apparently a little tired, Jamie didn’t stop celebrating once more before actually throwing Karen into the air.

The pair were in hysterics, but Jamie soon got tired and as soon as he went to get her back down he showed up to throw her again.

Karen continued to laugh, Jamie struggling to get her breath back.

The pair came to the top after their dance

Jamie picked up Karen from the floor

The audience was sewing, many went to Twitter to see if anyone else had noticed.

One viewer wrote: “Did Jamie just throw him away ???”

Another said: “Did Jamie really just throw the crane like a useless sack?”

Jamie later dropped him off again

A third tweeted: “When Jamie dropped Karen …”

Another added: “Jamie almost threw Karen in his head.”

The other fans were just hysterical about this pairing with the ones who seem to be having the most fun in their pairing with uninterrupted laughter.

The pair earned a seven and two nights from the judges, giving them 23 scores.

Strictly Come Dance is broadcast on BBC One on Saturdays and Sundays.

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