Fans of ‘Bridgerton’ historical flaws in opening scene …

Photo: Lime Daniels / Netflix

The Netflix series ‘Bridgerton’ was released only in Belgium and was immediately the most watched series on the stage. But now fans have discovered some historical flaws in the series which are full of extraordinary hairstyles, corsets and gaudy sets.

“I had no idea that the 19th century British were such pioneers”, it seems on Twitter. On social media, fans point out to the creators some historical inaccuracies that have surfaced in the series. And it already begins with the opening scene. It depicts characters in 1813 in London. People with horses and carts can be seen everywhere in the rear of the mansion. But if you pay full attention, you can also see yellow parking lines on the ground. And those lines did not exist at all in the 19th century. The first yellow parking lines were not painted in Britain until the 1960s. “They recreate all of London at GCI (Digital animation, ed.), But they can’t just remove the parking lines “, it seems.

But there will be some other flaws in the series. For example, seedless grapes are eaten in Bridgarten and there is also a modern doorbell.

Ans Bridgerton's fans see historical mistake in opening scene
Photo: Netflix
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