Fans argue over who should become the next owner of the club

Roman Abramovich’s era at Chelsea is almost over. The club’s owner is desperately trying to sell the club before its properties in the UK are frozen.

The future of the club is uncertain. There is no dearth of likes but it will be tough for him to keep up with the man who has taken Chelsea to unprecedented heights.

Yet most fans are already wondering who should succeed Abramovich as Chelsea boss.

Bavanini: “I’ll stop being a fan as soon as I see a western billionaire taking control of Chelsea. They told us that football and politics don’t mix, so why all the bullying of the man who invested over £4bn to make Chelsea what it is today? ,

Christopher Werne: “I like the Sheikhs of the Middle East, I’m afraid these European lovers will turn our club into Arsenal or Spurs in the future”.

Gbde Eden Roziji: “Sheikh of the Middle East, Arab Oil Money”

Chelseanuts1: “If Roman is to sell, a new owner from a neutral country is best, who loves the club and our players. Not some loud, money-hungry American who wants to make Chelsea a circus show! »

Chigbu Emmanuel: “The owner of Newcastle should auction Newcastle and buy Chelsea. I would prefer to buy an established business rather than start from scratch. It took Abramovich 20 years to win all the major trophies. PSG and Man City just won Haven’t won the Champions League till date, despite all the money that has been put in. Anyone who buys Chelsea will invest a little and get more because Roman has done the heavy lifting. »

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Jeff Green: “I don’t want Americans!!! They know nothing about British or European football. They think football is what we call rugby.”

Ononabi Cubana: “I prefer a sheikh from the Middle East. With the kind of success we’ve had in recent years, we can’t hold back if an American or a UK buys a club. Let the club fly And we need a lot of billions of money to make it a great success. »

Azubuike Enekwa: “We only want to own Roman Abramovich for life. I don’t see anyone else who would love Chelsea the same way.”


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