Famine in East Africa: A Chilling Report…

study produced by oxfam And save the kids It is estimated that, this year, 23 million humans live in such conditions” extreme hunger” in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya. This is 13 million more than last year.

The general climate in East Africa is very poor. An unprecedented drought in 40 years, due to climate change, has depleted economic reserves, reduced the size of herds and affected the health of residents, note the NGO.

Yet, recall the organizations behind this terrifying report, the Great Famine of 2011 that killed more than 200,000 people in Somalia, half of whom were children under the age of five, should have alerted the rulers. Faced with major crises, rich countries have focused their efforts on themselves. And local countries, heavily indebted and bureaucratic, have not invested in helping people cope.

Both NGOs call on the G7 and Western countries to keep their promise of $4.4 billion in immediate aid and cancel the debts of the countries concerned. They also encourage East African countries” Put human life first, not politics “. They conclude that it will always cost less to prevent famines from suffering their consequences.” famine is a political failure “Finally, the judge oxfam And Save the children

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